WWOS 2022: Cheryl Lewis

Nature fuels me! As a child, I grew my best memories outdoors. Later I took my own kids down dirt trails and had them feel the bark of each tree we passed.

I wanted them to recognize our tiny part in a big, beautiful world and to know we’re never alone. I especially feel that connection to the earth as a woodturner. The hard part has already happened before we ever discover a downed tree; it had an entire life before us.

To become not just part of its history but also the future is a profound privilege. Now I’m diving even deeper into the past and next generation by fusing melted, pigmented beeswax onto the bowls I create on the lathe.

This is a preservative art form that began before the fifth century and one that has endless potential for exploration and expression. Before the birds and the bees, surely there were bees and trees! I think of these heirlooms as a grand nature reunion.

Cheryl's Session Details: Fused Wax Painting


Cheryl Lewis

The creative possibilities of fused-wax painting are endless! This demonstration will include the fusing of pigmented wax medium onto a woodturned bowl and two hollow forms.

The process of preparing pigmented wax, melting, heat fusing, safety and supplies will be discussed. Examples of completed works will be shown.

The history of what is known as encaustic painting will also be shared. Techniques such as fusing, layering, scraping and shellac burn will be demonstrated.

At the end, there will be three beautiful pieces! Live Q&A will follow.


 Cheryl's Gallery


Cheryl Lewis
Cheryl Lewis
Cheryl Lewis