WWOS 2022: Ronald Kanne

After a career as a sound engineer, Ronald thought it was time to start earning real money. Turning wood!

It had been his hobby for many years and so it only had to be professionalised. He would become a real artist. Get up late, read the newspaper, take it easy to the workshop, work until about 4 o'clock and then slip into the evening of the debauchery life with a lot of wine and friends. So far the part with the wine has been successful and has already been curbed again...
Ronald is a professional wood turner now. He makes batches of bowls, funeral urns, knobs, lampshades and everything else that you can think of... and unfortunately nothing artistic these days... Besides that, he runs a webshop with stuff for other woodturners. And has he become the national woodturning question desk, or so it sometimes seems... For fun, he built the "Mastodon" together with Jan Hovens. A device for coring bowls.