WWOS 2022: Jacques Vesery

Jacques Vesery is an Artist/ Sculptor from Damariscotta and has lived in Maine for 20 years. Striving to create an illusion of reality, his vision and inspiration begins with repetitive patterns derived from the 'golden mean' or 'divine proportions'. The marriage of pattern, form and proportion conveys a sense of growth from within each of his pieces.

His work is in numerous public and private collections including the Detroit Institute of Art, the Contemporary Art Museum of Honolulu, Yale University Art Gallery and The Carnegie Museum..... He is a Maine Arts Commission Fellow for 2000 and winner of Sculptural Pursuit Third Annual Sculpture Competition in 2006

Jacques has lectured on design and concepts within his work in France, Italy, England, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and 28 US states at such locations as Journees Mondiales du Tournage D'art Sur Bois Congres, Loughborough University, Anderson Ranch, `Aha Hana Lima- Hawaii and Haystack Mt. School.

He has been included in over 20 publications and will have work in ''100 Artists of New England'' to be released in the spring of 2011. Other books include 'Scratching the Surface', 'Wood Art Today', 'Natured Transformed' and 'New Masters of Woodturning'

Jacques has also curated the following exhibitions; 'A Nation of Enchanted Form: Woodturning Artists Across North America' 2005, 'Far From The Tree: An Evolutionary View of Contemporary Woodturning' [co-curated] 2007, In the Palm of Your Hand' 2009, “National Treasures - History in the Making”[co-curated] and will be curating an upcoming exhibit called 'Playing Well With Others: Collaboration in Wood' in the fall of 2012.

Some upcoming exhibits that will include his work are; “Roots; An Artist’s Voice”at the Wood Art Gallery in St. Paul, “CREATE: The Mysterious Art of Wood”at Cape Fear Studios in North Carolina and 'Conversations with Wood: Selections from the Waterbury Collection' at the Minneapolis Art Institute.

Jacques Vesery's Session Details

Session 1: "Form to Finish; Creating an Illusion of Reality"

Technique is often a distraction to the importance of “Good Form.” Methods to create better form can be a difficult step in evolving our work to the next level. This session will cover design elements, including scale, form, balance, and proportions along with the Golden Mean and geometry of design. Jacques will critique several forms in pursuit of bettering whatever we create. He will continue with his processes of Sculpting, texturing and coloring with the use of power carvers, rotary tools, burning tools and methods to enhance the details for coloring to create an illusion of reality.

Session 2: Submariner to Woodturner - Jacques will give us an insight into his journey and his creative process.






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Jacques Vesery
Jacques Vesery
Jacques Vesery
Jacques Vesery
Jacques Vesery
Jacques Vesery