WWOS 2022: Marisa Klaster

Marisa Klaster lives and works in Rotterdam (NL). She combines her work as a freelance art director with designing and making contemporary homeware & tableware.

Functional wooden objects that will become more beautiful over time. Either designing every little detail beforehand or turning completely intuitively on the lathe to discover what beauty lies beneath - there’s always a story attached.

Marisa regularly works in collaboration with fellow artisans to combine wood with different materials such as glass, leather or ceramic.


 Marisa's Session Detail

Marisa Klaster will "show & tell" about her work as a designer and woodturner, from turning tableware to design collaborations with other makers - in particular about her hand turned vases of ancient wood (125 AD) from an archaeological site.

At the beginning of this year Marisa Klaster - designer and maker - got the opportunity to experiment with a small selection of Roman foundation poles that are over 1900 years old. 

This unique experiment aimed at discovering if and how this ancient and extremely wet wood could be re-used. In a slide and talk presentation she will take you through her journey. The final result - a small collection of vases - was on show for the first time at Milan Design Week 2021.

Marisa's Gallery

WWOS22: Marisa ...
WWOS22: Marisa ...
WWOS22: Marisa ...
Marisa Klaster
Marisa Klaster



instagram: marisa_klaster_het-houtlokaal