WWOS 2022: Richard Findley

Richard is a production turner based in Leicestershire in the UK. His background is in woodworking, coming from a long line of professional woodworkers.

 It is the variety of work that he enjoys, undertaking commissions for one off prototypes to large production runs, turning for furniture makers, restorers, architects, designers and joiners.

His work is mainly based in the UK, but his growing reputation for making the highest quality turned work has earned him commissions for items that have gone to the US, Canada and Australia.

Richard is a well known and popular demonstrator, having written for Woodturning Magazine for more than 10 years and demonstrated all over the UK, Ireland and USA.




 Richard's Session Details

 In this 90 minute live demo, Richard will demonstrate spindle turning techniques including use of the skew chisel and spindle gouge, along with sharing some of the trade secrets of a production turner. 

With the leg turned, he will demonstrate how to mark out and cut a two-start barley twist, while discussing different tooling options, styles of twists and some of the history of this iconic carved decoration.

Richard's Gallery

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